Leigong Welding Alloys is specialized  in manufacturing&developing of hardfacing, hardbanding, stainless steel  flux cored welding wires and bimetallic wear plates in China for your wear resistance requirements service. Since its inception in 2002, Leigong Welding Alloys has manufactured customized wires to fight diverse abrasive wear and corrosion. We achieve great success on this field with innovative solution and customer-caring. Now our products have been exported to America, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Korea, etc.

With specialist knowledge and a highly skilled team,we are equipped to solve your wear protection problems raising from cement, iron & steel, mining,power generation and heavy duty machineries,etc. Among these years, we have successfully solved countless customers wear problem and our product has been your prior choice for many customers in domestic and overseas markets.

We fully understand the importance of reliablity,consistency and cost-effectiveness for local and international customers alike.Creating value for our customers is our ultimate method to achieve successes. 

About Us
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