At Leigong alloys, the corporate culture is  generate great help to our business success, especially in recent years. And in our management theory that the strategy is the fundamental of business, and the essence of the strategy is the corporate culture. These values become a norm of behavior of employees’ activities. The influence of the culture is even stronger than the other factors such as managing tactic, managing system and organizing structure. 

The essence of the Leigong Culture

Our Vision        Leigong Brand Lasting for Centuries  

Our Missions   To Make the Top-Notch Hardfacing Products, and To Help Saving Energy & Protecting the Environment

Our Attitudes   Being Grateful, in Sunny Mood, and with the Mind-Set of An Entrepreneur

Our Principles  1.Adhering to the Covenant     2.Performance-oriented     3.Facing the Music    4.Striving for Excellence
Five Leaders’ Ethics 1.Just and Honorable    2.Take the Lead     3.Knowing the Team and  Appointing Them on Their Merits    4.Excelling the Predecessors     5.Result-driving

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