Typical application in sinter plants

During processing of sinter plant, the ore material is burned to very high temperature then crushing and process, each phrase is accompanied by severe wear under high temperature.

Leigong developed series of hardfacing wires like LZ641 LZ642 LZ643, LZ632 etc, according to this working condition, and products are proved to have outstanding improving of life time to sinter parts. Typical application like sinter crusher, sinter grate, fan, etc.

Typical application in Blast Furnace, distribution chute.

Extremely severe abrasive wear and corrosion wear with high temperature during this processing,
Leigong’s LZ632 has super performance on these components to extend service life.

Typical application in continuous casting and rolling

In steel-making production, high temperature iron from liquid to solid, mill roller withstand thermal fatigue, oxidation, corrosion, and wear etc, according to different working condition, Leigong’s hardfacing wires can get best results to repair steel mill roller.

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